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The AtbFinder is a new diagnostic tool designed to save lives of children with pulmonary infections. TGV-Biomed, the NYC-based startup company behind the AtbFinder, is guided by leading microbiologists and pediatricians, and an experienced management team. TGV-Dx takes aim at multi-drug resistant bacteria, cited by the CDC as the world’s deadliest and costliest health threat, by identifying the most effective antibiotics for each patient’s specific infection in the shortest time and avoiding unnecessary use of broad-spectrum antibiotics (a major driver of drug resistance).
TGV-Dx’s philosophy is reflected in its “Three-Zeroes For Kids” program:
• Zero deaths from ineffective antibiotics;
• Zero extra hospital days because of ineffective antibiotics; and
• Zero unnecessary broad-spectrum antibiotic prescriptions.
The AtbFinder outperforms all current antimicrobial susceptibility testing methods by selecting the most effective antibiotics, even against the most hard-to-treat drug-resistant pathogens, and delivering results in 4 hours.
Traditional antibiotic selection tests take days and fail to select effective antibiotics because not accounting for critical characteristics of “real-life” infections: formation of polymicrobial biofilms with cooperative ( when one bacteria protect another) antibiotic resistance. The AtbFinder addresses these realities by using a novel principle of antibiotic selection, named “populational response”: when multidrug resistant bacteria are killed not only by the primary targeting by antibiotic but also by eliminating supporting bacteria helpers.
AtbFinder uses a unique and patented TGV-Dx-developed growth medium, which supports the growth of even the most fastidious organisms, and then targeting the often-ignored supporting bacteria along with the hard-to-treat multidrug-resistant primary pathogens It is an all-in-one prefabricated 24-well plate kit that does not require pure bacterial isolates and can be used in any clinical laboratory.