TGV-Biomed is an innovative biopharmaceutical company dedicated to the development of breakthrough diagnostics for diabetic foot ulcers and other infected skin injuries. TGV-Biomed’s pipeline comprised of first-in-class diagnostic product AtbFinder and FAST-T. AtbFinder and FAST-T have demonstrated unique ability to select effective antibiotics prominent antibacterial efficacy against a broad range of multiresistant Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, fungi and their associated biofilms as well as against mixed infections.
Microbial biofilms is the fundamental reason that diabetic foot ulcers do not heal and those formed by multiresistant microorganisms which respond very poorly to conventional antibiotic therapy are the reason for a high mortality and amputations among patients.


There is a large unmet need for a AST that can help to select antibiotics effective against various types of microbial infections associated with diabetic foot ulcers.

Specifically, our  mission is to advance novel diagnostics  to better treat diabetic foot infections, caused by resistant pathogens that contribute to high mortality and invalidization.

We facilitate our efforts to bring to market our life-changing breakthroughs and to alleviate the suffering of patients affected by diabetic foot infections.