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TGV-Biomed is developing a Fast Antibiotic Selection Test (FAST-T) system that promises to transform infectious disease patient treatment by dramatically increasing the speed and accuracy with which tailored empirical antibiotic therapy can be prescribed.
FAST-T solution is a diagnostic that can guide antibiotic selection for both empirical therapy and for the adjustment of current antibiotic treatment.
FAST-T introduces novel principles for antibiotic selection that will dramatically reduce mortality among critically ill patients. Accurate antibiotic selection will save lives, as the failure of empirical therapy is particularly critical for immunocompromised patient as an inappropriate antimicrobial selection actually leaves these patients without of the effective treatment which results in increased mortality.
FAST-T will dramatically improve patient outcomes, hospital costs, length of stay and help combat the global antibiotic resistance epidemic.
FAST-T predicts not only drug resistance, but also drug susceptibility. It does not overestimate the presence of ARG and therefore, decreasing inappropriate use of broad spectrum antibiotics.

FAST-T FAST-T will enable physicians to transition patients to personalized antibiotic therapies much more quickly – from 30 to 48 hours quicker – than current state-of-the-art methods, providing same-day personalized therapies.

FAST-T ultimate goal: appropriate antibiotic therapy = 0% mortality rate